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Simon Says

Have you ever played the game Simon Says when you were young? It was a game that sometimes got a bit silly depending on whom was designated as Simon. This individual would instruct us to do something and we just obediently followed along till we mis-stepped and didn't follow exactly as Simon Says. When we didn't comply with the instruction or command, we were out of the game. In this game, the one that followed all commands given by Simon Says and is left standing is the winner.


But now, Simon Says is no longer a game but in real life. He is wanting you to obey whether what he says is logical, partially true or even completely false. In this real life, Simon Says is NOT a game and those that blindly follow what Simon Says without question will not be winners.


Simon Says is intent on reshaping and controlling what you hear, speak and see. He has an army suppressing anything that goes against what he says. Even if what Simon Says is NOT truth. Simon Says is reshaping our world, our perceptions, our political and religous beliefs and even our health and welfare. Our times and laws are being changed in every sense, both physically and spiritually. It is being shaped by Simon Says.


So, who is Simon Says in our world today? We have several entities, whether organizations or individuals, that have risen up in unison to become one voice as Simon Says. And if you go against their narrative, well, you are considered a Conspiracy Theorist or one who spreads mis-information, even if what you are saying is absolutly TRUE.


So here we go...let's just ask me the question. Am I a Conspiracy Theorist? No. I am a Conspiracy Realist. My question is why aren't you? For there are "Conspiracies" and there are "Theories" and though not all "Conspiracy Theories" are true, there are many that have been proven true througbout history. These proven conspiracies actually have shown a pattern throughout the ages. But a true Conspiracy Realist will test the theory and becomes a truth seeker to uncover the Real seek the Truth.


Let me ask you a question. If you saw someone running toward a cliff, you would try to stop him/her and tell him/her the truth, wouldn't you? You would diligently have investiaged the matter at hand and know that the path they are on is going to lead them right off the edge of a cliff. But, being deceived, the individual may put their hand up and stop you saying, "Sorry, I don't believe you because Simon Says that if I simply obey, I will be in a better place and not have to worry about COVID or any disease. Nor will I have to worry about money or anything anymore. Simon Says he will make sure I am safe." This individual will not stop to look into the truth or even check if what Simon Says is saying even makes sense. This person will blindly run towards the edge of the cliff calling me a crazy Conspiracy Theorist and as they reach the edge, they won't even bat an eye as they simply run off the edge to their utter destruction.


I beg you to STOP just a moment and become a Critical Thinker; to become a Truth Seeker. To look at the discrepancies of the narrative being put forth by Simon Says. Have you evern known anyone who has said something in a deceptive manner in order to get you to do someting they would like you to do? It happens every day.


In the beginning God created all things including you and me and He called it GOOD. But another created being referred to as a snake, whom was a fallen angel created before man, decieved Eve and Adam also gave in which brought about the descruction of mankind...we now have the "death" threat hanging over each of us.


So, who is Simon Says really? He is that created being of old that is working through men and organizations leading them to destruction. He is the leader of these entities rising up in unison to give you their perception and partial truths to the end that we will end up in a state that is far worse than before. These entities whom are marching knowingly or unknowingly to the end game of God's adversary whom has "Conspired" again God and mankind so that He can become like God. He is leading us to destruction; and if God doesn't intervene there will be no more mankind left alive.


So, are you ready to hear Truth? Are you ready to beome a Critical Thinker and NOT believe everything that is being said to you in order to reshape your perception and reality. For this deception has filtered into every area of our lives. It has infiltrated the governments, the churches, the families and each one of us.


As for me, I will listen to the Voice of Truth, but not that of a deceiver. I will follow the One that does speak Truth and is the Way and the Life. I will gladly follow Him because He has been proven to be faithful in so many ways that I can't deny Hiim. And, yes, I sought this matter out as well. His name is Jesus, Word of God made flesh, Son of God, the Light of the World, the Beginning and the End, the true Author and Finisher. He died, was buried and took all sin and death upon him and was raised the third day. Most importantly, He is coming again soon. Are you ready? It seems to me that with the aligning of prophecies from scripture, it would take more Faith NOT to believe, than to believe.


Who will you faith and trust in? The choice is yours, but choose ever so wisely. Simons Says is not the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus Christ is.

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2020 … It’s not over / Brace Yourselves!

Hey there friends,


We are about ready to vote for a new leader in the United States of America. I am NOT a political person and really, I see deception on all sides. But I have to say that this is no longer about Democrats or Republicans nor about anything in-between, i.e., Green, Independent or any other platform. It is about freedom or being enslaved into a new matrix world system. Or are we heading into this new Matrix regardless of whom is chosen?


In reality, 2020 has morphed us all into a new Matrix. A new world that seemed to come upon us quickly. But did it really all just happen in 2020 beginning with the COVID 19 virus? Let's truly be honest and admit we have been being steered and conditioned for such a time as this for a long time. Generations in fact. Each generation has had a Matrix shift. What is undeniable to me though, is that the shifts, including this one with COVID 19 and BLM, have been purposefully driven.


Before I continue, I want to define what I mean by the word "Matrix". Many are familiar with the movie series including myself. I was an avid movie and TV watcher in times past. But the "Matrix" here is not necessarily the one depicted in the movie, at least not yet anyway. I don't believe we are currently in a pod hooked up to a mainframe computer generated future…though would we really know if we were?


Okay, okay. preposterous, right? So that there is no confusion as to how I'm using the word "Matrix", let's take a look at its primary definition. The Matrix is defined as an environment or material in which something develops. The Internet offered an interesting quote in its definition: "Free choices become the matrix of human life."  The Merriam-Webster defines it as "something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form."


Having defined clearly what I mean by "Matrix" in this blog, or as I call it…the rambling thoughts in my head as I watch and consider what the heck has happened to us ... humans. Our new Matrix, having been shaped purposefully and carefully from generation to generation, here a little-there a little, is steering us to biblical prophecies being fulfilled. We've been stewing slowly so as not to notice and lulled into a stupor.


This shift started back in the beginning when one of God's created beings, a fallen angel depicted as a snake or dragon, conspired against God and against God's newly created mankind. Since then, he has conspired against us through many deceptions and venues including by using mankind themselves.


Suddenly, it has come to a crushing reality in 2020 here in the United States. Our perceptions, shaped and morphed by media, television, social media and the list goes on and on, have morphed us into a Matrix that holds to each person's individual truth rather than holding to The Truth. A Matrix where absolute truths no longer exist, which is an absolute statement in itself. Our new Matrix is filled with hate, with evil being called good, good being called evil, men being called women, women being called men and I could go on. The fear of opening my mouth and accidently saying something that may be mis-interpreted and charged as discriminatory has sealed my lips almost from smiling and saying a mere "Hello" to a fellow country man or woman. Oh wait, they can't see me smile if I'm wearing a "face covering". Setting that aside, however, now suddenly in 2020 we feel like all these effects have crashed around us.


Vote your conscience at this election. But I want you to know that no man, nor President, nor Pope or any other rising entity that will be offering you peace and security in the unity of love, mostly to save the planet in the name of global warming, will save you. There is only one solution to shift our world/matrix back to the original creation. His name is Jesus and it does not involve the WHO, EU, UN or Gates Foundation that are planning on saving the planet through their wisdom by heralding their "Great Reset", nor by vaccinating and tracking everyone on the planet, nor through population control. These men are those that are written of in Romans 1:22, "While professing themselves to be the wise ones, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like unto corruptible man…"


Perhaps watching the uploaded videos on my YouTube channel will awaken or at least cause you to open your eyes a tad bit more. Click on the appriate links under the "Quick Links" section to the right on the appropriate video. There are 2: Video 1: What the Matrix looks like...; Video 2: The "Great Reset" put out by the World Economic Forum. By the way, the "Great Reset" (new name for the One World Order)… is set for 2021. Are you awake yet? Or are you willingly going to morph into the newer Matrix being set forth.


Other tags will be made available to some great informaiton. But DO your own research. Use discernment in these hours.


In closing, I have a few questions for all of you out there and I truly want to hear from you.


1) Are you putting your future hopes and dreams in the hands of the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset?


2) What are your real thoughts on vaccinations and the Smart Stamp or RFID the human implant?


3) Are you really happy with where this is all heading?


4) Really, I would love to hear any comments reagrding this or comments on any of my previous ramblings.


5) What does your Matrix look like in reality where you live...wherever that may be?



Words of wisdom and warning: Without Jesus and turning to another leader or world system (even many religions) there is a warning to you -- be afraid, for the wolf is currently dwelling with the lambs and setting up his kingdom. Let him who hears hear; let him who sees see. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of all wisdom. Only Jesus can save. He is alive and coming back soon.


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2020...What a ride! Who can save us?

Hey there friends,


It has been a while since I have updated my site or blog. So much is happening around us that it is hard to keep up. To me personally also, as I have lost in this world a dear friend, encourager and my biggest book Mom. This blog is dedicated to her. And though I miss talking with her, I mourn not, for I am filled with such joy knowing she is at her final destination with the LORD.


Many of you also have experienced a similar loss of a loved one passing. Yet, as if that isn't enough, we are watching another death. Death of the life as we knew it before 2020. Sometimes death can bring us new life. With watching and listening to so much that has occurred since the beginning of 2020, which I think we've all had our fill of, I hope to encourage you and offer you hope. So I will not be addressing many of the changes and events swirling around us at this time. Rather, I want to encourage you this day,especially if you are a faither/truster in Christ Jesus. For truly He is the only one that can save us now and for eternity.


Though men (being wise in their own eyes) are looking at ways to heal the sick through vaccinations and technological advancements, to save the planet from doom through whatever means possible, and clearly outlining their agendas visibily and clearly, know this truth: there is only one solution for the crisis in our own lives, hearts, and minds; only one solution for our towns, cities, nation(s) and world...Jesus. Jesus alone saves and heals and will heal all indeed in His perfect wisdom and timing. Jesus is coming soon and I am watching. Are you watching? The signs of the end of age prophecies are jumping off the pages of scripture to those who have eyes to see and have read and studied them. Things are being fulfilled at a rapid pace. I dare even to use the current president's wording used, "happening at warp speed". I will address many of these things in a future writing with my own ramblings and thoughts.


But, for now, I would be remiss, if I didn't add that I see many, christians and non-christians alike, not heeding the signs and putting their hope in a new leader(s). We only have one hope and the picture I uploaded speaks it much better than I could. Be NOT afraid of what is coming, but look up! Our Blessed Hope is on the horizon.


If you are a non-faither in Christ Jesus, I ask that you seek the truth yourself. I think sometimes people hesitate to seek and possibly put their faith in Christ thinking their whole life will have to change in a way they don't want it too. I can assure you that when you seek Him, and He moves and quickens truth to you, your life will most definitely be change... if you receive this gift of grace. But what's so great is that He does the changing and the more you get to know Him, the more you want to get to know's like falling into the purest, truest and definately most fulfilling form of love one can ever experience. It is well worth being reborn and transformed by Him and by His power and not your own.


So, in closing, I have a few questions for all of you out there and I truly want to hear from you.


1) What is holding you back from seeking truth and and waking up from slumber to a glorious eternal future? What is your stumbling block so to speak? Let me know.


2) What is your biggest fear you are facing and how can I pray for you? Please share.


3) What questions or comments do you have for me on anything from this blog to what is happening around you? What's it like in your city right now? Am really wanting to hear your take, thoughts, things happening near your city ... wherever it is.



Words of wisdom and warning: Without Jesus and turning to another leader or world system (even many religions) there is a warning to you -- be afraid, for the wolf is currently dwelling with the lambs and setting up his kingdom. Let him who hears hear; let him who sees see. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of all wisdom.

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