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2020...What a ride! Who can save us?

Hey there friends,


It has been a while since I have updated my site or blog. So much is happening around us that it is hard to keep up. To me personally also, as I have lost in this world a dear friend, encourager and my biggest book Mom. This blog is dedicated to her. And though I miss talking with her, I mourn not, for I am filled with such joy knowing she is at her final destination with the LORD.


Many of you also have experienced a similar loss of a loved one passing. Yet, as if that isn't enough, we are watching another death. Death of the life as we knew it before 2020. Sometimes death can bring us new life. With watching and listening to so much that has occurred since the beginning of 2020, which I think we've all had our fill of, I hope to encourage you and offer you hope. So I will not be addressing many of the changes and events swirling around us at this time. Rather, I want to encourage you this day,especially if you are a faither/truster in Christ Jesus. For truly He is the only one that can save us now and for eternity.


Though men (being wise in their own eyes) are looking at ways to heal the sick through vaccinations and technological advancements, to save the planet from doom through whatever means possible, and clearly outlining their agendas visibily and clearly, know this truth: there is only one solution for the crisis in our own lives, hearts, and minds; only one solution for our towns, cities, nation(s) and world...Jesus. Jesus alone saves and heals and will heal all indeed in His perfect wisdom and timing. Jesus is coming soon and I am watching. Are you watching? The signs of the end of age prophecies are jumping off the pages of scripture to those who have eyes to see and have read and studied them. Things are being fulfilled at a rapid pace. I dare even to use the current president's wording used, "happening at warp speed". I will address many of these things in a future writing with my own ramblings and thoughts.


But, for now, I would be remiss, if I didn't add that I see many, christians and non-christians alike, not heeding the signs and putting their hope in a new leader(s). We only have one hope and the picture I uploaded speaks it much better than I could. Be NOT afraid of what is coming, but look up! Our Blessed Hope is on the horizon.


If you are a non-faither in Christ Jesus, I ask that you seek the truth yourself. I think sometimes people hesitate to seek and possibly put their faith in Christ thinking their whole life will have to change in a way they don't want it too. I can assure you that when you seek Him, and He moves and quickens truth to you, your life will most definitely be change... if you receive this gift of grace. But what's so great is that He does the changing and the more you get to know Him, the more you want to get to know's like falling into the purest, truest and definately most fulfilling form of love one can ever experience. It is well worth being reborn and transformed by Him and by His power and not your own.


So, in closing, I have a few questions for all of you out there and I truly want to hear from you.


1) What is holding you back from seeking truth and and waking up from slumber to a glorious eternal future? What is your stumbling block so to speak? Let me know.


2) What is your biggest fear you are facing and how can I pray for you? Please share.


3) What questions or comments do you have for me on anything from this blog to what is happening around you? What's it like in your city right now? Am really wanting to hear your take, thoughts, things happening near your city ... wherever it is.



Words of wisdom and warning: Without Jesus and turning to another leader or world system (even many religions) there is a warning to you -- be afraid, for the wolf is currently dwelling with the lambs and setting up his kingdom. Let him who hears hear; let him who sees see. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of all wisdom.

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