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2020 … It’s not over / Brace Yourselves!

Hey there friends,


We are about ready to vote for a new leader in the United States of America. I am NOT a political person and really, I see deception on all sides. But I have to say that this is no longer about Democrats or Republicans nor about anything in-between, i.e., Green, Independent or any other platform. It is about freedom or being enslaved into a new matrix world system. Or are we heading into this new Matrix regardless of whom is chosen?


In reality, 2020 has morphed us all into a new Matrix. A new world that seemed to come upon us quickly. But did it really all just happen in 2020 beginning with the COVID 19 virus? Let's truly be honest and admit we have been being steered and conditioned for such a time as this for a long time. Generations in fact. Each generation has had a Matrix shift. What is undeniable to me though, is that the shifts, including this one with COVID 19 and BLM, have been purposefully driven.


Before I continue, I want to define what I mean by the word "Matrix". Many are familiar with the movie series including myself. I was an avid movie and TV watcher in times past. But the "Matrix" here is not necessarily the one depicted in the movie, at least not yet anyway. I don't believe we are currently in a pod hooked up to a mainframe computer generated future…though would we really know if we were?


Okay, okay. preposterous, right? So that there is no confusion as to how I'm using the word "Matrix", let's take a look at its primary definition. The Matrix is defined as an environment or material in which something develops. The Internet offered an interesting quote in its definition: "Free choices become the matrix of human life."  The Merriam-Webster defines it as "something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form."


Having defined clearly what I mean by "Matrix" in this blog, or as I call it…the rambling thoughts in my head as I watch and consider what the heck has happened to us ... humans. Our new Matrix, having been shaped purposefully and carefully from generation to generation, here a little-there a little, is steering us to biblical prophecies being fulfilled. We've been stewing slowly so as not to notice and lulled into a stupor.


This shift started back in the beginning when one of God's created beings, a fallen angel depicted as a snake or dragon, conspired against God and against God's newly created mankind. Since then, he has conspired against us through many deceptions and venues including by using mankind themselves.


Suddenly, it has come to a crushing reality in 2020 here in the United States. Our perceptions, shaped and morphed by media, television, social media and the list goes on and on, have morphed us into a Matrix that holds to each person's individual truth rather than holding to The Truth. A Matrix where absolute truths no longer exist, which is an absolute statement in itself. Our new Matrix is filled with hate, with evil being called good, good being called evil, men being called women, women being called men and I could go on. The fear of opening my mouth and accidently saying something that may be mis-interpreted and charged as discriminatory has sealed my lips almost from smiling and saying a mere "Hello" to a fellow country man or woman. Oh wait, they can't see me smile if I'm wearing a "face covering". Setting that aside, however, now suddenly in 2020 we feel like all these effects have crashed around us.


Vote your conscience at this election. But I want you to know that no man, nor President, nor Pope or any other rising entity that will be offering you peace and security in the unity of love, mostly to save the planet in the name of global warming, will save you. There is only one solution to shift our world/matrix back to the original creation. His name is Jesus and it does not involve the WHO, EU, UN or Gates Foundation that are planning on saving the planet through their wisdom by heralding their "Great Reset", nor by vaccinating and tracking everyone on the planet, nor through population control. These men are those that are written of in Romans 1:22, "While professing themselves to be the wise ones, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like unto corruptible man…"


Perhaps watching the uploaded videos on my YouTube channel will awaken or at least cause you to open your eyes a tad bit more. Click on the appriate links under the "Quick Links" section to the right on the appropriate video. There are 2: Video 1: What the Matrix looks like...; Video 2: The "Great Reset" put out by the World Economic Forum. By the way, the "Great Reset" (new name for the One World Order)… is set for 2021. Are you awake yet? Or are you willingly going to morph into the newer Matrix being set forth.


Other tags will be made available to some great informaiton. But DO your own research. Use discernment in these hours.


In closing, I have a few questions for all of you out there and I truly want to hear from you.


1) Are you putting your future hopes and dreams in the hands of the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset?


2) What are your real thoughts on vaccinations and the Smart Stamp or RFID the human implant?


3) Are you really happy with where this is all heading?


4) Really, I would love to hear any comments reagrding this or comments on any of my previous ramblings.


5) What does your Matrix look like in reality where you live...wherever that may be?



Words of wisdom and warning: Without Jesus and turning to another leader or world system (even many religions) there is a warning to you -- be afraid, for the wolf is currently dwelling with the lambs and setting up his kingdom. Let him who hears hear; let him who sees see. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of all wisdom. Only Jesus can save. He is alive and coming back soon.


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