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Inside View

Simon Says

Have you ever played the game Simon Says when you were young? It was a game that sometimes got a bit silly depending on whom was designated as Simon. This individual would instruct us to do something and we just obediently followed along till we mis-stepped and didn't follow exactly as Simon Says. When we didn't comply with the instruction or command, we were out of the game. In this game, the one that followed all commands given by Simon Says and is left standing is the winner.


But now, Simon Says is no longer a game but in real life. He is wanting you to obey whether what he says is logical, partially true or even completely false. In this real life, Simon Says is NOT a game and those that blindly follow what Simon Says without question will not be winners.


Simon Says is intent on reshaping and controlling what you hear, speak and see. He has an army suppressing anything that goes against what he says. Even if what Simon Says is NOT truth. Simon Says is reshaping our world, our perceptions, our political and religous beliefs and even our health and welfare. Our times and laws are being changed in every sense, both physically and spiritually. It is being shaped by Simon Says.


So, who is Simon Says in our world today? We have several entities, whether organizations or individuals, that have risen up in unison to become one voice as Simon Says. And if you go against their narrative, well, you are considered a Conspiracy Theorist or one who spreads mis-information, even if what you are saying is absolutly TRUE.


So here we go...let's just ask me the question. Am I a Conspiracy Theorist? No. I am a Conspiracy Realist. My question is why aren't you? For there are "Conspiracies" and there are "Theories" and though not all "Conspiracy Theories" are true, there are many that have been proven true througbout history. These proven conspiracies actually have shown a pattern throughout the ages. But a true Conspiracy Realist will test the theory and becomes a truth seeker to uncover the Real Conspiracy...to seek the Truth.


Let me ask you a question. If you saw someone running toward a cliff, you would try to stop him/her and tell him/her the truth, wouldn't you? You would diligently have investiaged the matter at hand and know that the path they are on is going to lead them right off the edge of a cliff. But, being deceived, the individual may put their hand up and stop you saying, "Sorry, I don't believe you because Simon Says that if I simply obey, I will be in a better place and not have to worry about COVID or any disease. Nor will I have to worry about money or anything anymore. Simon Says he will make sure I am safe." This individual will not stop to look into the truth or even check if what Simon Says is saying even makes sense. This person will blindly run towards the edge of the cliff calling me a crazy Conspiracy Theorist and as they reach the edge, they won't even bat an eye as they simply run off the edge to their utter destruction.


I beg you to STOP just a moment and become a Critical Thinker; to become a Truth Seeker. To look at the discrepancies of the narrative being put forth by Simon Says. Have you evern known anyone who has said something in a deceptive manner in order to get you to do someting they would like you to do? It happens every day.


In the beginning God created all things including you and me and He called it GOOD. But another created being referred to as a snake, whom was a fallen angel created before man, decieved Eve and Adam also gave in which brought about the descruction of mankind...we now have the "death" threat hanging over each of us.


So, who is Simon Says really? He is that created being of old that is working through men and organizations leading them to destruction. He is the leader of these entities rising up in unison to give you their perception and partial truths to the end that we will end up in a state that is far worse than before. These entities whom are marching knowingly or unknowingly to the end game of God's adversary whom has "Conspired" again God and mankind so that He can become like God. He is leading us to destruction; and if God doesn't intervene there will be no more mankind left alive.


So, are you ready to hear Truth? Are you ready to beome a Critical Thinker and NOT believe everything that is being said to you in order to reshape your perception and reality. For this deception has filtered into every area of our lives. It has infiltrated the governments, the churches, the families and each one of us.


As for me, I will listen to the Voice of Truth, but not that of a deceiver. I will follow the One that does speak Truth and is the Way and the Life. I will gladly follow Him because He has been proven to be faithful in so many ways that I can't deny Hiim. And, yes, I sought this matter out as well. His name is Jesus, Word of God made flesh, Son of God, the Light of the World, the Beginning and the End, the true Author and Finisher. He died, was buried and took all sin and death upon him and was raised the third day. Most importantly, He is coming again soon. Are you ready? It seems to me that with the aligning of prophecies from scripture, it would take more Faith NOT to believe, than to believe.


Who will you faith and trust in? The choice is yours, but choose ever so wisely. Simons Says is not the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus Christ is.

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