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Inside View

We Are Here, Are You Watching?


We Are Here! Biblical prophecy is aligning and unfolding before our very eyes. It is literally jumping off the pages of our bibles. Do you see it?


My most recent video explores various ways it is playing out in real time. This video outlines the following areas:

  • Changing of Times & Laws;
  • to Watch & Be Not Ignorant;
  • Condition of Mankind in latter days;
  • Top Biblical Prophects Signs Aligned;
  • The Beast System Rising;
  • Prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream in Daniel;
  • Looking Ahead


But first, there is Hope which is outlined by the Good News. For there is much fear being promoted by news and the things happening from COVID, it's vaccine or dare I call it for what it is---Gene Therapy, to the fallout from the recent Elections, to the growing unrest and divisions not just here in the now Divided States of America, but worldwide.


If you are a student of prophecy as I am, then it is very sereal to say the least. If you have not delved into the prophetic side of scripture, I ask that you do so. What astounds me the most is the silence from the majority of pulpits on the subject. There are a few, however, teaching truth and giving Prophectic updates. One that I feel is a great teacher Paster can be found at www.jdfarag.org located in Hawaii.


But we all are able to learn, so I ask you not to wait or fear IT, referring to Biblical Prophecy. And feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you may have. Or share any fears you are having. If I don't know the answer, I will certainly seek it and let you know what I find and hopefully, steer you in the right direction.


But, though a mask can't save you, nor can a vaccine save you; there is Hope...Jesus Christ, Word of God made flesh, Light of the World, THE Only Begotten Son of God, fulfilled the Law we can't, was crucified, buried and took our penalty of sin with Him; and rose in victory. He is the only ONE who can Reset that which has been Upset. He is mine and your only Hope.

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