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How I was awakened!

Ephesians 5:13- 14 For whatsoever is reproved is made visible, the light does make all things visible. Therefore it is said, "Awake thou that sleeps and arise from the dead and Christ shall give the light."

How I was awakened

How I awakened from a deep slumber...

Raised in a Christian home and with a father who as a pastor, teacher and missionary that talked a lot about Revelation and the end of the age, left me fascinated. While many feel it is confusing and possibly scary, I did not. Of course, I was fascinated with the paranormal in general along with horror movies were demons supposedly were coming out of the TV after me. I was also a fan of all sorts of Science Fiction shows from Star Trek to Doctor Who. But these shows were keeping me asleep to the reality that was all around me. I slept without a true discernment of the reality and depth of the spiritual and supernatural invisible war. This along with a lack of proper understanding of the invisible world as revealed in the Bible was swirling around me without me being aware of it. Then I read God himself warning us to stay awake and keep watch.

My awakening from slumber came little by little in 2012 when I started writing scripture into notebooks at the suggestion of my sister. At that time, I was on heavy pain meds for chronic pain, anti-depressants, and then some. Nothing the doctors would give me really helped. But writing out scripture daily in a notebook and finding some insightful bible teachers that went through the Bible step by step did. I don't know when the Bible stopped being boring and became alive and much more interesting than the next episode of Doctor Who. I started seeing the layers of mysteries that were contained and revealed within the Bible. I have learned many things that were not and still are not preached or talked about in Sunday School or by Pastors in many churches.

In 2016, I became very ill and had to abruptly stop taking all medicines. I had developed a digestive disorder leading to a metabolic disorder and went from 178 lbs. to 101 lbs. in under 4 months. Everything doctors were trying simply made me worse. I finally took matters in my own hands; or better said, God reached out and pulled me by His hands out of the mainstream treatment system into natural and supernatural healing…He gave victory over the spiritual battlefield. Though I still struggle with chronic pain and have to be careful with what I eat, I was supernaturally delivered from the depression, anxiety and fears that had kept me trapped most of my life. In this battle for my life, I came to the end of myself and literally fell on Jesus Christ completely, saying for the first time, "God Your Will not mine. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it."

I haven't looked back since and am compelled to get the good news of salvation to whomever God leads it to. He has opened up this opportunity specifically for this time in history. While writing the book Number of Man, I researched greatly in the physical, biological, and technological fields. I've learned much about the science of matter and anti-matter, cloning and gene editing, and all the technological wonders being heralded by many with regards to human implants. I also heard a clock ticking. Yes, I actually heard a clock ticking at times. And no, this wasn't a delusional experience. It was spiritual or should I say supernatural hearing experience. I started feeling a sense of urgency.

God had fully awakened me. I will be frank here, being awakened by God is different from what the world today is calling "being woke". But of course God's enemy likes to twists God's own words to cause deception. I have to say, God is bigger than anyone of us gives Him credit for. His ways are better, the best and the most fulfilling ways I could never have imagined possible.  As I learn to lean and abide in His finished work at the cross, His amazing grace through faith in Him alone and making Him number one in my life, I can truly say…l am ALIVE and set free! I have been reborn in spirit from above.

As I watch God's words literally jumping off the pages of scripture in real time, I am also LOOKING UP in great anticipation for my Blessed Hope's appearance drawing near. So if I suddenly disappear from this earth, I have been "Whooshed" away to the heavenly kingdom and will come back with Him at His Second Coming when He establishes His Kingdom here on earth for 1000 year. I surely can't hardly wait. Till then, I watch, write, study myself to be approved and share the Hope of Salvation given by our Creator God through Jesus Christ, Word of God made flesh, Light of the world, and frankly so much more.

Ephesians 5:13-14
All things that are exposed [reproved] are made visible by the light; the light does manifest all things. Therefore He says, "Awake, thou that sleeps and arise from the dead and Christ will give you light." See then that you walk carefully, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time for the days are evil.
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