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Number of Man, The Beginning

Many of the guests present had worked along side the doctors for years. Also present were a select few of their very important investors. They had gathered together to witness the historic birth; the awakening of a new child into the world from an artificial womb. Not just any child, but one that had successfully been cloned and developed without complications.

With specialized glasses fitted with a mini camera, the guests would experience the birth exactly as Dr. Matthew did. All eyes were centered on the screen as a swishing sound was heard. No one dared breathe. They watched in anticipation as the cylinder’s eye opened slowly, releasing the fluid into a canister below. Once the fluid ceased flowing, Dr. Matthew stepped closer to the opened cylinder dressed in the normal surgical gowns and gloves worn for any natural birth.

“Gently now, gently,” said Dr. Matthew Venson as he slid the tiny body from the artificial womb.

The guests watched as the child lay motionless in his arms. The nurse quickly moved and cut the umbilical cord still attached to the artificial womb. She then gently wiped mucous from around the nose and mouth still being held by Dr. Matthew. They all watched as the infant squirmed in disapproval. Suddenly, the air was pierced with the infant’s cry after gasping its first breath. A collective sigh of relief filled the viewing room and sterile masks hid the smiles on the doctor’s and nurse’s faces.

Dr. Matthew Venson’s eyes found those of his twin brother, Gary. Their eyes locked in a moment of victory. However, there was no time to waste. He had to proceed with the protocol they had all agreed on. After all, there would be time enough for celebration later.

“We have a baby girl,” Dr. Matthew Venson announced, as he lifted the infant up in the air. He felt a rush of excitement course through his veins. Look at what we have created, he thought to himself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have success at last. " Dr. Matthew announced.