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A Look Inside

Number of Man
The Mission

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“Are we receiving the electronic impulses?” Eleanor asked the technician in the other room.

“Yes, they are very strong.”

“Good. Now from what I understand, you can take those brainwave impulses from Natalie here and transmit them into Sammy’s brain chip which will be then perceived by Sammy as Natalie’s memories, or some of them anyway, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. We have done this several times quite successfully. No need to worry.”

“Not worried, just very intrigued by this process. How do you measure or realize which memories are received?” Eleanor asked smiling as she looked down at the two clones of Julia Venson asleep side by side from the observation booth.

“AMI analyzes the electronic impulses; and thereby, we can ascertain which memories more or less are being received. It isn’t an exact science as of yet and we’ve only tested it on a few selected humans. The tests on the rats were extremely promising though and thus far promising in our human trials.” The technician responded glancing up at Eleanor with a smile and wink.

This was almost too good to be true Eleanor thought as she watched little impulses race across screen. She turned her attention again to the clones and whispered, “They are perfect copies. As far as looks anyway.”

The clones, however, were different in personality. Sammy was the closest to Natalie’s personality type which is why she was chosen. Now if only they could create an exact duplicate down to the fingerprints and irises of the eyes, they would be set. Her mind continued to race with all the possibilities.

“Is there any way to visualize memories on a computer screen like a movie?” Eleanor asked leaning forwarded slightly letting her hand touch the young technician’s shoulder.

“Eleanor! Stop harassing the technician with all your questions,” came a sharp voice from behind her causing her to slowly straighten and turn around to the intruder of her thoughts.

However, for now, she simply shrugged and said, “I’m sorry Milton. But this is all fascinating. And how am I to learn if you don’t allow me some lead way. Plus, Georgie here likes my attention.” She bent down and kissed George’s cheek causing him to blush slightly.

“Eleanor, you have other things to prepare for, don’t you? And I’m sure George doesn’t need distracting with this critical operation. This mission is important.” Milton said standing aside from the door so that she could exit.

“Very well.” She responded, taking another look at the girl she had thought would have been her daughter-in-law by now. Unfortunately, that had flopped. But that was okay, for she had selected another clone to replace Natalie…one she could better mold and control.

“Eleanor? Please, we have a deadline as you are aware,” Milton interrupted her thoughts with his high-pitched squeaky voice. She wouldn’t let him goad her though with his rude dismissal. So, without another word, she sauntered slowly passed him giving him a hint of a smile.

Their mission was complicated, but doable. Slowly shape and prepare mankind for a revolutionary reset - one that would bring order out of their own created chaos. Of course, this mission had begun long ago, but now she was imbedded in the hierarchies of the best of the best, richest of the rich.

The time had come to collaborate and implement much of generations work. Tick Tock, she heard in her head as she walked down the hall glancing at her watch. “Tick Tock,” she heard herself say outloud and her lips broadened into a large smile.


Linda Kennedy was born one of five children to missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa. She has enjoyed writing poetry and songs since an early age. The idea for this book came to mind over 20 years ago. However, it wasn't until becoming disabled after two failed back surgeries, that she sat down and wrote the first rough draft which is now completed.


Linda has written and published her first novel and "The Beginning" of the series: Number of Man.


 Linda currently resides in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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