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Psalm 139:14 I praise You God, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your words.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

OUR BORDERS [within and without]:

A Huge Controversy That Shouldn’t Be A Controversy: Before I dive into this “Controversial” topic, let me lay some framework around it. From the very beginning, God’s adversary, the serpent of old -- Satan, has tried to twist the Truth of the God’s own Words. In the same way, he has twisted many truths today; changing it a little here and a little there. In this way he can make something wrong seem right or okay. Satan even uses our own language to lessen the severity of a particular sins or evil. Then through men, these words become propagandized and people start swapping these new terms from known “Biblical” terms making them more palatable to humans. For example, instead of stating that someone is committing adultery, we tame it down by saying, they are having an affair. It loses the impact. So as not to beat around the bush any longer, I will give similar examples regarding the controversial topic I am addressing – that of abortion.

Abortion by definition is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Oh, is that all? And after all, it is the woman’s body and what we women choose is best, right? Hmm … if we understood the full implications and truly sought to educate ourselves on this matter, we might see that this word’s definition has been watered down a bit. It has been made more palatable. The true definition is in fact the deliberate termination of a human being, a life that then is woven together with its own body [our tent] in the womb of a women. So, isn’t that murder according to the Bible? Yes -- yes, it is. A bit harder to swallow, but then again, most truth usually is.

Why address this issue now? Why not now. After all, many have a lot to say about this issue, yet most, I don’t believe have truly educated themselves adequately on this subject. I suppose with the coming elections, I felt it necessary to address it based on what is happening with current legislation regarding abortion in California.

I am not here to judge you or to tell you what to believe, or what to choose. I am simply asking that you look at all the facts surrounding “Abortion”, to educate yourself and seek the truth on the matter. Such as, did you know that the risks for having an abortion far out way the risks of not having one? Did you know that only .5% opt to have an abortion due to a rape? Statistics bear this out. Most abortions are simply done because the individual views the pregnancy, carrying a baby, as an inconvenience or too financially burdensome. Below are some statistics on this issue for you to consider.

I also ask you to view a very well-presented educational video from Pastor Jack Hibbs who lives in California and is making a plea to voters. He also notes how what is happening in California is also being considered in numerous other states.

If you consider yourself to be “Pro-Choice”, I would say as I heard Pastor Jack Hibbs say in this message, that God also is “Pro-Choice”. What? Now, think about this a moment. We all are “Pro-Choice”. This is our “free will” God gave mankind. But are all our choices godly? No. For we all have sinned and come short which is why God sent His Word to be wrapped in flesh to take our punishment – mine, yours, that of everyone, whether they receive this gift from God or not. But with how the words “Pro-Choice” is used today, we all jump to this controversial issue over something that if we took the time to really educate ourselves over, we might see that it is a bad choice and a sin against our creator. We have devalued life greatly over the years. But alas, I digress.

If you are one who has had an abortion or know someone who has, know that God loves you – loves them. He is a God of forgiveness and love. But He tells us we are dying because of a lack of knowledge – knowledge of Him and His Word and I will say also of full knowledge of controversial topics such as this one.

Regardless where you stand on this issue, I pray you will watch and gain a deeper understanding of it and listen to the message and look at the statistics.

If you are wondering whether a “fetus” is a “living being”, consider this scripture:

Psalm 139:14 – 16 I praise You [God], for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works, this I know very well. 15 My substance [unformed body] was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret and curiously wrought [woven together] in the lowest parts of the earth. 16 Your eyes did see my substance [unformed body], yet being unformed. And in Your Book, all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.

I contend that our soul is already placed in our unformed body, our substance, at conception which took place because of a “Pro-Choice” act to have intimate relations with a man that brings about this result – this result of a new life - of a human being. And trust me, God knew when he/she was created in secret and when a decision to destroy it was completed.

Click here to view presentation by Pastor Jack Hibbs [this is not for the faint of heart and contains clips that are amazingly wonderful, and others that are a bit hard to watch]: Happening Now -2022 Election

Click here for some interesting statistics that you may or may not know about abortion, a word that has made murder a bit more palatable: Article from Real Diapers: Abortion Statistics in 2022 (Latest U. S. Data); Guttmacher Institute: Abortion rates by race and ethnicity, Oct. 19, 2017


The Proof is in the Pudding – J D explains this idiom and shows how it relates to end of the age prophecy happening now based on evidence from Arizona Christian University Research Center’s shocking results concerning the Worldview of Christian Pastors today fulfilling the prophecy in 2 Timothy 4:1-4. Click here to listen: Prophecy Update, October 9, 2022, Pastor J D Farag.

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine [teaching], but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires.

Pastor J D discusses how Bible Prophecy is Revving Up for fulfilment. So much so, it is the likes we have never seen. The purpose of these updates, he states, is not to create fear, nor sensationalize, but to get people to Jesus and Jesus to people, and give us HOPE -- our only and Blessed Hope in Jesus. Maranatha! Click here to listen: Prophecy Update, October 16, 2022, Pastor J D Farag.


Already Stepping Down: Apparently British Prime Minister Liz Truss will be remembered as the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Britain’s history. Click here to learn more: Recapping the U.K. political turmoil [NBC Video] / Lis Truss resigns as UK prime minister after just 44 days in office [New York Post].

Lockdowns Becoming a New Normal: On October 17,2022, the president of Uganda has declared a “three-week lockdown” for two districts due to new untreatable Ebola strain. I have even heard rumors that they may at some point use lockdowns due to “Climate Control”. This hasn’t happened yet, but have the nations all become conditioned to do this as a knee jerk response to anything? Not calling Ebola anything trivial; but God, my two favorite words, will be the only one who will save us. Click here to read more on this news: The Ebola Lockdowns Have Begun, October 17, 2022 by Michael [End Of The American Dream].

Jesus – His Glorified Body After Resurrection: As we are looking up towards our Blessed Hope, some wonder what we will be like when we are changed in a twinkling of an eye and receive a glorified body. In Philippians 3:2o-21 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like His glorious body, by the power that enables Him even to subject all things to Himself. So, what does that mean? It means we will be changed from a corruptible body to an incorruptible body – one like that of Jesus when He was resurrected. This brings me to a video that show us what Jesus was like after His resurrection, His ascension and how He will return. Click here to watch: Was Jesus A Spirit When He Resurrected And Went To Heaven / Scriptures on Glorified Bodies.


It Ain’t Over Till They Say It’s Over: While most of us are sick and tired of the mention of COVID, it seems Boston University has developed a more lethal COVID strain in their lab with an 80% kill rate. This was done by combining the Wuhan strain with the Omicron strain. In their statement they say, “First, this research is not gain-of-function research, meaning it did not amplify the Washington state SARS-COV-2 virus strain or make it more dangerous. In fact, this research made the virus replicate less dangerous…” My question is who did the gain-of-function on the Washington state SARS-COV-2 virus strain? And forgive me if I ignore their little twisting of phrases in that their shenanigans reduce a danger it doesn’t count as gain-of-function. This “not” gain-of-function but less-gain-of-function research was approved by the Boston Public Health Commission and other organizations – including FDA. My only questions again, is why?

Coincidence? I think not as there is a reason it ain’t over till they say it’s over. Reason being that they still need this to drive fear and cause confusion. Guess impending World War III isn’t enough. But the truth is, this is how they [men in high places and I won’t mention any names] along with their new “Climate Change” laws and the new “Biotechnology” Initiatives, along with the quickly coming Digital Currency wrapped into one, will be used in bring in their Great Reset, the Utopia through “Transhumanism” and the mark of the beast. This is man’s solution to save planet earth and mankind – It is a trap – It is a lie – It is the Beast System. Do not be deceived.

Keeping in line with the above, CDC panel voted to add the COVID-19 shots to the recommended vaccination schedule. I am glad that some governors are standing up and saying “NO” to this recommendation, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida and Gov. Parsons here in Missouri.

FACT Check – It was CDC’s recommendation, CDC later said, not a requirement. Nonetheless, the implication is there as we all know. Yet wanted to clarify. FYI – did you know that you may be able to get an exemption from any vaccinations as a parent? I have a friend who did. If you would like more information on what she had to do to keep her kids’ vaccination free and attend school, let me know.

The Lunacy Of It All: Keeping the COVID-19 in vein of things [pun intended], listen to the lunacy of it all in Podcast Clip: Booster required [DarkHorse Podcast Clips – 10.23.2022]


Am learning and sharing - please join me and be sure to share with others. Click here: for my most recent video, How We Are Made in God’s Image, Part 2 – Discussion of our soul – the will and emotions contained within. View full playlist here: Beginnings playlist. For this journey never ends...

I welcome always, any comments and/or questions. One thing I know for sure though, is that we, who are secure in Christ, need not fear anything that is coming...and it is coming - quickly, it is revved up!

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