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Jeremiah 10:2 Thus says the LORD, "Do not be terrified by signs of the heavens . . .

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Special Note:

So much is going on in this world as well as in my life, as I am quite sure it is in yours. Yet, I felt a quick update on things coming was in order.

1. A new Biblical Prophecy video is coming soon;

2. My book, Number of Man: The Mission, is in final layout for proofing – target release is estimated in Nov 2023;

3. Wake Up Gear For Life LLC ecommerce shop is targeted to open sometime Oct/Nov 2023 (earlier if possible);

4. Am Watching News Blog will be sent out at least once a month.

We are living in amazing times – the latter days. I pray you keep in prayer with me and seek God daily. May He guard our hearts and minds from fear and fill us with the power of His Spirit as we navigate the many distractions and deceptions around us. SUDDENLY, we will be with Him, whether in a physical death or through the “catching away” up to Him in the clouds that I simply call the “WHOOSH”. This can happen any nano second. Are you ready?

OUR BORDERS [within and without]:

Signs From Heaven:

Doubtless, you have heard much regarding UAPs/UFOs of late as Congress holds hearings to un-cover this cover-up. These encounters are not rare nor isolated and there seems to be a sense of heightened national security concerns as they delve into these long overdue revelations.

David Grusch, a 14-year intelligence officer in the Air Force and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, made some astounding statements regarding what he had been informed of was “a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program”. Though he was denied access to those programs; he was informed by officials regarding the aircraft that contained “nonhuman biologics”. Disclaimer: I personally have not been watching all these hearings though I have listened to some excerpts and to what others are saying about them.

These sensational revelations can lead many into deception if they do not understand the truth and know what God has to say about it all. These “signs from heaven” can even cause us to be deceived into thinking that these beings are here to help us and bring us into an age of enlightenment. But scripture does talks about God's other spiritual created beings as well as “signs from heaven” that I feel can be applied to this subject and shows us just how close we are to the end of the age.

When asked by His disciples what the signs of the end will be, Jesus answered, “Watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in My name saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.” [Matthew 24:4-5]

There will be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity. The sea and the waves roaring. Men’s hearts failing them from fear and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken. [Luke 21:25-26]

Thus says the LORD, “Do not learn the way of the nations, and do not be terrified by signs of the heavens although the nations are terrified by them. [Jeremiah 10:2]

There will be great earthquakes in diverse places, plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. [Luke 21:11]

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. [Matthew 24:24]

Who’s coming is according to workings of Satan, in every power and lying signs and wonders. [2 Thessalonians 2:9] This refers to the coming lawless one – the final antichrist, who will appear as false savior for the world giving people false hope. But God turned and gave them up to worship the host of heaven, as it is written in the book of the prophets… [Acts 7:42] – This was the last sermon preached by Stephen who was subsequently stoned to death as he reminds the high priests of that day in Israel’s history where it said God turned them over to worship the host of heaven – the sun, moon and stars.” I believe this is happening among many today. For we see also that…

The Spirit expressly says that in later times, some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons. [1 Timothy 4:1]

As God is being pushed out of nations, including ours; I believe these type of reports will increase as the veil between our physical dimensions and the spiritual dimensions thin. These beings are getting bolder in their visibility. But be not deceived. These are created spiritual beings that have fallen – they are not equal to God who created them – rather they are fallen angels and demons. Do not entertain familiar or unfamiliar spirits, lest you be led astray and be deceived, even if they appear to be angels of light.

To those whom do not believe in Christ Jesus, these beings may appear to be god like alien entities that will save humanity and show us how to become gods. Others entertain these beings as their personal spirit guides in hopes of reaching their ultimate enlightenment. And others simply are full of fear that makes their heart to fail.

Kudos to Pastor Jack Hibbs who is one of the few willing to deal directly with these current hearings in congress from a biblical perspective and how they could lead people astray and why we as Christians need to stay grounded in the truth. I encourage you to listen to his excellent presentation – In The Daze of Deception / In The Daze of Deception, Part 2 (with worship).


Pastor JD and his assembly are located in Hawaii and gives a brief update on how they are able to help those that have suffered in the devastating fire on Maui. He also cautions people in their giving as there are many scammers when things of this nature happen. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Hawaii and for those assisting. Click the Blue Titles to watch:

Do Not Fret Over Evildoers (with worship): Pastor JD talks about the futility of fretting on the heels of the numerous and voluminous reports concerning what’s really happening on and to the Island of Maui. [Prophecy Update - 2023 08 20]

Our Only Way Out: Pastor JD talks about how Jesus is our only way out of all our trials and afflictions, presently and ultimately at the pre-trib rapture for all eternity. [Prophecy Update – 2023 08 13] /

Pre-Trib Rapture Preparedness: Pastor JD explains that whether we realize it or not, we’re either prepared by the world for the world or prepared to be taken out of the world. [Prophecy Update – 2023 08 06] /



Pick #3: Normalizing a cashless society: As CBDC is rolling out, how long until we are forced to give up cash to participate in society? Even now, Australia’s major banks are phasing out over-the-counter cash withdrawals. There are endless streams of biometric IDs being used from Amazon’s Palm pay to Co-founder of Open AI CEO, Steve Altman’s recently launched Worldcoin that many seem to be flocking to. Just think how many will flock to get the mark of the best? Stand with me in rejecting these measures. It is normalizing what is coming. Let us take God at His Word and His warning – if anything comes along whereby we need to receive something in or on our persons physically to buy and sell or participate in society, just say “NO”!

Pick #2: 7 Years of Accelerated Transformative Action: This is UN Secretary-General’s call to Heads of State and Government to recommit to their SDGs (sustainable development goals) by 2030 in order to rescue people and planet. Sounds good, right? Their goals seem worthy of a recommitment promising peace, zero hunger, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities [like nifty smart cities being established and built], just to name a few. However, there plans are leading to an eternal enslavement and will fail, for there is only ONE whom I know can truly rescue people and planet. In fact, He has promised to remake the heavens and earth – that is Yahweh!

Click here for more information: UN Secretary-General Outlines Priorities for the UN for 2023 [IISD, Feb 8 2023] / 18-19 September 2023, New York 2023 SDG Summit [United Nations Website] / We Need 7 Years of Accelerated, Transformative Action to Achieve SDGs [United Nations Website, Jun 13 2023] /

Pick #1: The Luciferian Lie – Ye shall be as gods: From the very beginning this has been the lie of the serpent. It was his last statement to the woman in the garden as he tempted her to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And he said to her, “Ye shall surely not die, for God knows in the day that you eat of it ye shall be as God.” The same old lie is still being told and is leading many to their own destruction. I encourage you to listen this video outlining their agenda: The Globalist Plan To Seize Your Assets [Hope for our Times Tom Hughes, Maria Zeee, Aug 14 2023].

Click here for other information: Welcome to 2030 [Ida Auken, Member of Parliament, Denmark] / The world will be a very different place in 2024 [World Economic Forum, Oct 20, 2016] / Remaking the World – the Age of Global Enlightenment [UN100 Boston Global Forum, Jun 30 2021] / The World in 2045 [Sociotechnical Systems Research Center News] / Check out Australia’s Maria Zeee’s website – Share the truth at whatever cost!


Third Temple in Israel? Scripture seems to indicate that sacrifices will resume in Jerusalem whereby most believe a temple must be built for the end-time prophecy to be fulfilled. Will the US-Saudi Arabia-Israel ‘Deal of the Century’ make concessions to this end? Here is an interesting conversation with Pastor James Kaddis and Monkey Werx regarding the many extraordinary things that are taking place now over in Israel regarding the preparations for just that possibility in the near future. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Click here to watch and/or listen: Countdown To Eternity – Preparation For Jerusalem’s New Temple!!! [YouTube Aug 16 2023] / Israeli archeologists find ‘most ancient gate’ discovered in Holy Land [The Jerusalem Post, Aug 15 2023] / Does Bible Prophecy Require a Third Temple to Be Built? [Insights into News & Prophecy, Sept 23 2022]

Beginnings & Bible Prophecy YouTube:

Am learning and sharing - please join me in the journey and share with others. Click here for my YouTube Channel: Inside View with Linda Kennedy.

Remember, we who are secure in Christ, need not fear anything that is coming...and it is coming - quickly, it is revved up and we will soon be going up!

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Sep 27, 2023
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