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Many will say Rev. 13:4 . . . Who is like unto the beast? Who can make war against it?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

OUR BORDERS [within and without]:

World of Confusion Looking for A Leader: In the 1970’s during the meltdown in the Eurozone at that time, Paul-Henri Spaak, the then Belgian Prime Minster made a chillingly ‘prophetic’ statement in a speech to the European Union [EU]. Spaak stated, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and be he god or devil, we will receive him.” Today most of the world shares this sentiment as TV and social media pundits are now saying, as quoted from Daymond Duck’s article Give Us A Leader, “We need fresh blood, someone with new ideas to solve our problems. It is time for someone else to lead, someone that can appeal to young voters, a uniter, not a divider.”

Little do they know that with all the converging of the end of the age stage being set, where many are desiring to do as they will, having their own truth [even if it is a lie], having their own way, etc., they are going to see this individual rise. But he is not the savior, he will be the Antichrist. Some call him the Mr. “Fix It” man that will rise to lead and the many will say, “who is like him, who can make war against him” [Revelation 13:4] and they will worship him and take his mark [Revelation 13:8, 16]. Woe to those that follow this leader that is coming.

For those of us who are watching, we are not looking for Mr. “Fix It”. We are looking up to the real Savior who will appear at any nano second – Jesus the Messiah. He is the only one that can reset all that has been upset through deceptions and lies. Whom are you looking for? Jesus or Mr. “Fix It”. This world is a sinking ship like the Titanic and God has forewarned us all. Yet just as when Jesus was walking on this earth, the masses today aren’t listening. Jesus was crucified, buried, but rose in victory over death. Will you? Crucify your flesh [crucify the love of this world and life], turn your will to God’s and bury yourself and rise again in Christ Jesus? As God has told us, “He who loves his life loses it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” [John 12:25] This oxymoron is the real truth, because until we see our own disobedience and stubborn pride and turn to the only one who can save us, we are living dead. But when we turn our wills and lives to God, we are recreated and new – then we truly begin to live! Real ‘living’ in the now and for eternity in the here-ever-after.

Click here for more: Give Us A Leader [Nov 26, 2022 Rapture Ready by Daymond Duck]; EU architect would welcome God or the Devil [Nov 29, 2022 Christians Together]; What did Jesus mean when He said that he who loves his life will lose it? [Got Questions]


Pastor J D talks about how the world today is being painted into the prophetic corner as prophesied in the Bible. There is only one way out for those who are faithing in Jesus Christ, God of Salvation who in the beginning was the Word of God, was with God and was God who spoke all things into being. Click here to listen: Prophecy Update, November 20, 2022, Pastor J D Farag.

Pastor J D addresses an important issue concerning the rapture and tribulation by explaining why it is that we are not yet in the 7-year tribulation. Click here to listen: Prophecy Update, November 13, 2022, Pastor J D Farag.

Other areas of interests:

My Top 3 picks:

Pick 3: Leave it to Disney to push devilish programs towards society and children. In their new spin-off of the popular Tim Allen movies, they have developed a series called “Santa Clauses”. Whether a spoof or not, in the clip that was supposed to say “We Love You Santa”, the children end up holding up letters that spell, “We Love You Satan”. Maybe I should have put this in my “Coincidence? I Think Not” section. Nonetheless, these types of programming to children from this to open heralding of Satan worship and transgender agendas are being promoted to your children. This comes after their promotion of the animation series depicting “Satan” as a father of a 13-year-old called “Little Demon”. Parents, are you watching what your children are watching? Click here for more information: Video-Disney Show Has Kids Hold Up Sign Saying “We Love You Satan” [Bizaare by Steve Watson, Nov 29, 2022]; Disney Cancels New Release of “Little Demon” About a Woman Impregnated by Satan and Her Antichrist Daughter [Gateway Pundit, Oct 4 2022] / ONLY AFTER it is heralded by many: Little Demon: What to Know About the Controversial Animated Series [MSN MovieWeb, Sept 16 2022].

Pick 2: All you have to do is watch at the horrors in the China lockdowns to see how this could be a reality to many who buy into the Beast System, his mark, and these “smart cities” that will indeed be a prison of hell enslaving many. Click here to read and hear more: ‘SMART Cities’ worldwide being converted into ‘open concentration camps,’ says ex-Silicon Valley engineer turned whistleblower [Nov 23, 2022] / Listen to full interview with Aman Jabbie – The Final Lockdown – Street Lights that KILL in Smart Cities… []

Pick 1: Pastor Tom Hughes and Lee Brainard have an interesting conversation on many of the current events and how it is shaping the world around us. They touch on world events, the coming new currency and more. I hope it will actually bring encouragement to us who are watching and looking up towards our Blessed Hope. Definitely an interesting conversation and discussion: Have We Been Tricked? / Live with Tome Hughes & Lee Brainard.

Challenge for you:

In a world gone I am challenging you to go through Hebrews with me presented by Pastor Jack Hibbs. Hebrews tells us about the Supremacy of Jesus Christ. He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. How do we build faith? Faith comes by hearing and reading the Word of God. Listen with me, will you? The next portions are entitled Jesus Christ Is The End Of Scripture as revealed in Hebrews 2:5-13. It is well worth the extra time spent listening and may it encourage you.

Because There is No Greater Messenger

Because There Is No Greater Representative

Because There Is No Greater Guide

Because There Is No Greater Friend

Coincidence? I Think NOT...

There are two articles that I have run across that show us the times we are living in and I pray this will ignite a fire within you to pray and draw closer to God, through Jesus Christ, the Only Way, Truth, and Life and be filled with His Spirit DAILY as we are in dark days. Governments and society on a whole have pushed out God and pushing towards Agenda 2030, including its depopulation schemes. None of the things happening in our world is coincidence.

The first article listed below is regarding a recent census in England and Wales that reveal that fewer than half of the populations consider themselves Christian. Then consider how many even in America according to the Gallup polls shows that though many profess to be Christian, they really don’t know what that means and have kind of a mix-la of sorts or a syncretization with other religions in their own belief. Is it any wonder then that suicides are on the rise. But no problem says many countries who are now promoting Medical Assistance in Dying [MAiD]. Only a year ago, Switzerland released its ‘Suicide Pod’.

Without God there is no hope. Without God there is no purpose. Without God there is simply death. Coincidence? I Think NOT. Definitely a sign of the perilous times God forewarned us would happen at the end of the age.

Click here for more information: Census: Christians a minority in England; non-religious grow [AP News by Jull Lawless Nov 29, 2022] / Canadian Government Literally Proposes State Execution of Living Babies [The Daily Bell, Nov 22, 2022] / related Controversial ‘suicide pod’ that ‘kills peacefully’ gets go-head in Switzerland [New York Post, Lifestyle, by Jamie Harris, The Sun, from Dec 7, 2021] / Canadian Fashion Firm Releases Ad Celebrating “Beauty” Of Assisted Suicide [ZeroHedge Nov 29, 2022]

My personal conviction: The beauty and heralding of suicide are a deception. God says in the very end of the age:

Many false prophets will arise and will lead many astray, because iniquity [lawlessness] will be multiplied and the love of many will grow cold. [Matthew 24:11-12]

I include false heralding of suicide being beautiful as those false prophets that are leading many to participate in murder of someone and of self. This is not loving one another. True love will overcome. I say this in love having been one personally who in the past attempted suicide and had daily thoughts of desiring to end it all. But God, merciful and mighty is He to reach out and pull me from the false lies the enemy had been whispering into my mind. Praise Yah! HaleluYah! A new life, real living is possible through Christ Jesus!


Am learning and sharing - please join me and be sure to share with others. Click here for my full playlist: Beginnings playlist. For this journey never ends – From Genesis to Revelation.

I welcome always, any comments and/or questions. One thing I know for sure though, is that we, who are secure in Christ, need not fear anything that is coming...and it is coming - quickly, it is revved up!

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