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Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said to them, "Take heed that no man deceive you."

Things that make me say, "Hmm...."

OUR BORDERS [within and without]:

Reshaping Of Society: All you need to do is look at the headlines but for a few minutes to see the numerous seductively tantalizing deceptions and distractions that are re-shaping our society. None of this is new. They have been using television, media narratives and governments in a variety of ways to re-shape our world now for hundreds of years. This has become very evident in America, as well as around the world. Who are they? They are the powers and principalities in heavenly places that are using renowned men of old through their power and money. They desire to create their kingdom here on earth rather than partaking of the Kingdom of God. I don’t think I have to list the names of these men and women, these renowned men of old with money, being used by these principalities. Nevertheless, this form of propaganda dubbed Technocracy in the 1930s and defined as “the science of social engineering” has been being waged against the peoples without them recognizing it. Simply put – this is brainwashing societies through varies ways to bring about demoralization, to place a false sense of security of peace and safety and to draw people away from God’s ways. They are conforming the world into the image of man verses being conformed into the image of God.

An example of this is with how mainstream media and government leaders respond to horrific events. Did you know that all the shootings from Colorado to Denver to Aberdeen to the recent one in Nashville have a common thread? I will use the most recent shooting in Nashville as an example that shifts society’s worldview away from Godly morality.

In the Nashville shooting that killed 6 at a Christian school, the mainstream media and our government leader shifted attention away from the this ‘Christian’ school and those killed to the shooter herself. In many ways she was made to be the victim as focus was placed on her ‘trans’ identity issues that drover her to this violent killing. It also brought forth the ‘gun control’ agenda. And, though yes, some would mention concern for those families devastated by lost loved ones, the focus was still on ‘Transgenders’ and ‘Gun Control’.

I do not think that any of this happened coincidently around the upcoming ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ and the planned ‘Transgender Day of Vengeance’; the latter cancelled due to threats of safety in light of this shooting. But a day of vengeance doesn’t promote a sense of a peaceful demonstration to me. This reminds me that God has said, “Vengeance is Mine”. God is the only One Who can exact a Right Judgement in a Righteous Vengeance. Man cannot. Man can try, but God sees the intent of our hearts and minds.

An article from New York Post, entitled The Biden White House is uninterested in honoring the Nashville shooting victims, by Miranda Devine from the Opinion section wrote, “…Joe Biden waxed lyrical about the ‘joy’, strength, and absolute courage [of] ‘transgender’ and ‘nonbinary’ Americans.” Later, during the celebration of ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ at the White House, Biden stated that transgender Americans ‘shape our nation’s soul’ and that ‘Transgenders’ were made in the ‘image of God’ and deserving of dignity, respect and support”. Even Time For Rita’s Weekly Reality Check’ [Sky News Australia YouTube, April 1, 2023], commented on Biden’s timing of his statements after the shooting in Nashville. I also highly recommend listening to this video by Pastor James Kaddis: This Is a product of the DEMONIC REALM!!!

Though American has being re-shaped and demoralized now for generations, we seem to have gone into a ‘warp speed’ mode of ‘evil’ being called ‘good’ and ‘good’ being called ‘evil’. I agree with James Kaddis that this is demonically inspired; and through ‘the science of social engineering’, they are fulfilling Biblical prophecy and ushering in the last beast kingdom here on earth. Our now Divided States of America is falling quickly into these deceptive tactics. Is this the new face of America? It is when God is pushed out and Satan and his demons are welcomed in.

Oh, that we would allow God to shape the soul of America again; to shape each of our souls! Yet, here we are early in 2023 and are seeing the convergence of ‘latter days’ Biblical Prophecy aligning before us. But, let me encourage you all out there with the Truth that sheds light on these world issues. Let us who are in Christ Jesus stand firm in the Truth and Way and Life of God to shine His light into this darkening world. For the light reveals what is hidden in darkness. [Ephesians 5:13 referenced.]

God did create mankind in His image. But male and female created He them [Genesis 1:26-27]. God did not create LBGTQ+ sexual identities. This is a satanic deception. Yet we all have in times past had to deal with our own identity issues, even if it is/or was in our gender identities. For all of us are fallen from birth and there is only One who can restore us back into His image and likeness – that being through God’s free gift by faith in Jesus Christ, His death, burial and His victorious resurrection.

For we are all dead in our sins and transgressions and have walked in the ways of this world, according to the ruler of the power of air [whom is Satan], the spirit who is now working in the children of disobedience. All of us have lived in this manner at one time, fulfilling the desires of our flesh and doing the things willed of by the flesh and are by nature children of wrath as are they now. But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love He has for us [a love not recognized by the world], has made us alive with Christ Jesus even when we were dead in our sins, for by grace are we saved. [Ephesians 2:1-10 paraphrased].

This is not by our own efforts, nor our own works, but it is a gift of God, lest anyone of us should boast. Whereby, we are then created in Christ Jesus to do those good works God has prepared for us to do. [Ephesians 2:8-10 paraphrased]

Jesus Christ is the final solution – the ONLY solution. Yet as pride rears its ugly head, we know that Satan is the father of lies and only wants to destroy. We can see this in the ‘last days’ very clearly, these deceptions and lies destroying so many lives.

If you are in Christ, rejoice, because all these things must take place and will increase until Jesus sets it right. And, as one in Christ, we should treat all with dignity and respect regardless of their identity crises. But if someone I know is sick and suffering from an identity crisis of any sort, how can I not share with them, out of love, the Truth that can set them free if they would only receive it. If they reject it, they have chosen to do so because they love the darkness rather than the light. This according to God’s word in John 3:19.

Click here for more information: Government Foments Mass Hysteria For State of Never-Ending Crisis, [Technocracy News & Trends, March 31 2023 / ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ rally in DC canceled in wake of Nashville school shooting [Fox News, March 31 2023] / The Biden White House is uninterested in honoring the Nashville shooting victims [New York Post/Opinion, Sunday Apr 2 2023] / Joe Biden: ‘Transgender Americans Shape Our Nation’s Soul’ [Breitbart, March 30 2023] / President Biden Commemorates Transgender Day of Visibility: ‘Made In The Image Of God And Deserving Of Dignity’ [Breitbart, March 31 20230 / Time For Rita’s Weekly Reality Check’ [Sky News Australia YouTube, April 1, 2023] / This Is a product of the DEMONIC REALM!!! [James Kaddis] / U.S LGBT Identification Steady at 7.2% [Gallup News, February 22 2023] /


JD Farag explains why we as believers can no longer beat around the bush with how fast everything is happening in the world today. Click here to Listen: Prophecy Update April 1, 2023 Pastor JD Farag.

JD Farag shares how and why the teaching of bittersweet Bible prophecy is an absolute must! Click here to Listen: Prophecy Update March 26, 2023 Pastor JD Farag.

JD Farag explains why what we are seeing in our world today are two sides from the same coin and how we as Christians need to live in light of this deception. Click here to Listen: Prophecy Update March 19, 2023, Pastor JD Farag.This message is one I hope you listen to, as I personally have felt this way from the beginning of the days of “Trump’s Presidency”.In the resource links, Pastor JD linked a video that shows how this game is played. It is a bit lengthy, but I found it very educational and actually entertaining the way it is presented. Click here to view: An Inconvenient Reality, Probably Alexandra, Jan 22 2022.


Pick #3: Another distraction is all we need, right? But we have one. One designed to cause distraction and further division in America. This too is the “science of social engineering” as it relates to the GOP shifts around the world. Here in America its division may grow wider as Trump is garner more attention. Trump re-focused Americans from UFO and Chinese Balloons in the skies to himself. This after he tweeted a warning of his arrest and asking his supporters to protest. And though it didn’t happen as he originally tweeted; we need not worry as the saga continues with his indictment becoming the first ex-president charged with a crime. Pelosi inserted herself in this scene with news headlines reading: Pelosi Inverts American Justice System: Trump Has Right To ‘Prove Innocence’. Hmm, thank you for that information, Nancy P! Beware of this deception and distraction. This is on purpose in order to create further division in our now very Divided States of America. I believe Trump is just another player in the show. He may be playing the ‘good’ side of the coin verses the ‘evil’ side; nonetheless, a player on the chess board of deception he is. How is he doing as an actor? I give him 5 out of 10 stars. Watch JD Farag’s above Prophecy Update “Two Sides of the Same Coin” and “An Inconvenient Realty to see how this deceptive game of good vs. evil is being played by God’s Adversary through men and women. Resources: Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday, calls for protest [Reuters March 20 2023] / Trump indicted in Manhattan, becoming first ex-president charged with a crime [CBS News March 31 2023 updated] / Pelosi Inverts American Justice System: Trump Has Right to ‘Prove Innocence’ [Breitbart, March 30 2023] /

Pick #2: Seductive Deception: Are we seeing more and more deceptions in our world? Yes! Are there many claiming to be “Christ”? Yes. Does a false ‘Christ’ have to necessarily be an individual? I say, No. If you are understanding our times, you will see that there are many things being heralded as “Christ” like stating they can be your savior. One such inhuman way is through technology. According to an article published on March 12, 2023, entitled “This Changes Everything” by Ezra Klein who wrote: “We typically reach for science fiction stories when thinking about A.I. I’ve come to believe the apt metaphors lurk in fantasy novels and occult texts. As my colleague Ross Douthat wrote, ‘this is an act of summoning’. The coders casting these spells have no idea what will stumble through the portal. What is oddest, in my conversations with them, is that they speak of this freely. These are not naïfs who believe their call can be heard only by angels. They believe they might summon demons. They are calling anyway.” Another article shares how through these technologies we can become like gods and live eternally within 7 years. What year is that – 2030. Everything seems to point to 2030. Beware the deception. This is the antichrist system that is now ready for man’s final solution. Click here to read more if you dare: This Changes Everything [The New York Times – Opinion by Ezra Klein, mar 12 2023] / Humans Are on Track to Achieve Immortality in 7 Years, Futurist Says [Popular Mechanics Mar 1 2023] /

Pick #1: Interesting discussion by Tom Hughes and John Haller on the financial meltdown to ESG [Environmental Social Governance] ratings to the New World Order [still being called a ‘conspiracy theory’ when all the world governments are openly saying that that is what their goal is] to the revealing of January 6th deceptive coverups to everything else going on in our world. Always enjoy listening to these two watchmen bringing a wealth insight. Click here to listen: Is This What’s Next? We Better Get Ready! [Hope For Our Times, Tom Hughes and John Haller, Mar 20 2023]


Controlled demolition of the American Dollar is not slowing down, but speeding up. This with numerous countries joining BRICS and ditching the US Dollar as the official currency in international trade. The Russia-Ukraine war is furthering nations to go to a new medium for payments moving away from the dollar and the euro to trading with China’s Yuan and India’s Rupee. Coincidence? I think now. America is not a key player in the end of the age and many have wondered how it would fall. We can see how clearer today as America continues to implode from within. We can now see how the beast system is being set in motion paving a way to form the final 10 regions or should I say the final 10 Toes/10 kings [prophesied in Daniel 2/Revelation 13] of the final kingdom of man before the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ here on earth. Remember God has told us beforehand so that we will believe on Him and He Is Faithful and True. Click here to read more: BRICS: Who Are They and Why Are They a Threat to the US? [Wealth of Geeks, Aug 25, 2022] / Dumping the Dollar: Will a new BRICS currency replace the US currency for trade? [Firstpost, April 4 2023] / BRICS common currency soon? India, China step up to counter US dollar’s dominance [WION, April 3, 2023] / The BRICS Has Overtaken The G7 In Global GDP [Silk Road Briefing, March 27 2023] / The WORLD just CHANGED under our nose AGAIN!!! [YouTube with James Kaddis and Don Stewart – Countdown 2 Eternity, April 5 2023] / This will lead to poverty all over the US [Tucker Carlson, Fox News] /


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