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Revelation 6:1 I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals . . .

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

OUR BORDERS [within and without]:

Noose Tightening: Events continue to happen within our borders as well as without that tell us that we are indeed racing towards the end of human history as we know it. We can expect to see the noose tightening here in North America as well as around the globe as agendas, agreements and alliances are made that will impact us, whether we like them or not.

Last week the United Nations held their 2023 SDG Summit in New York. Prior to this summit, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called leaders to a 7 Year Accelerated, Transformative Action recommitment in order to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Although this summit was heralded as the “half-way” mark to reaching their goals, Guterres in his opening statement to the assembly said, “The SDGs need a global rescue plan,” after which he goes into their need for an SDG Stimulus of at least $500 billion a year and an effective debt-relief mechanism. This, he said, would include, “A call to re-capitalize and change to the business model of Multilateral Development Banks so they can massively leverage private finance at affordable rates to benefit developing countries.” He adds that this would include endorsement to reform today’s “outdated, dysfunctional and unfair international financial architecture.” Guterres claims this to be a game-changer in accelerating SDG progress. Outlined below are the high-impact initiatives to support six targeted areas where transitions are needed according to Guterres:

1) Build on July’s Food Systems Summit Stocktake through policy and governance to help countries transform food systems.

2) Put forward new Energy Compacts in which governments, businesses and global organizations join forces to invest in “decarbonizing” energy systems and ensure just and equitable transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

3) Launch an initiative to spur digital transformation across 100 countries, supporting stronger technology capacities, better governance and innovative financing through proposed Global Digital Compact helping countries build safe digital systems that provide internet access for all.

4) Build true “learning societies” anchored in quality education – including lifelong learning from earliest years to adulthood – closing the "digital divide”.

5) Work with governments and private sector through the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions aiming to create 400 million new decent jobs – especially in the “green” and “digital economies”.

6) End the triple planetary crisis of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss through building a group of champion countries to explore how to reform economic policies and put nature and biodiversity at the heart of all decision-making.

All this to save the SDG Goals so they can be achieved by 2030 that were created to save people and planet. Seems like the leaders forgot that we already have the ONE who has given us a plan to save people and a promise of a new planet as well as new heavens. And God shall keep to that promise.

When man builds his own future without God, creating his own utopia Tower of Babel, he is in essence deceiving himself and others by proclaiming smooth and flattering words with agendas that sound good but will end in utter ruin of the planet and entrap humanity in a digital prison. These deceptions include newer restrictions to intensify efforts, of course, in “climate change” and creating a “digital world” of economies.

On September 18-22, a dedicated SDG Media Zone was held to work through and collaborate with influencers and media to inspire all of us to comply. Of course, using the media and influencers is nothing new and is why there are many who are believing that this all is a good thing – believing the lie. Many say it is the “New Great Awakening” or the “New Age of Aquarius” or will usher in a “New Age of Enlightenment”. But remember, in order to “Build Back Better”, they must first tear down the fabrics of our society. If what we see today is the “half-way” marker for them, God’s intervention is ever so nearer for us. They are fulfilling biblical prophecies whether they realize it or not.

God gave us these prophecies as time stamps or markers to look for as we navigate through history’s timeline. We are instructed to watch so that when they come to pass, we might believe and understand where we are on God’s timeline prophetically. This SDG Summit and its goals will tighten the noose around us as they set up the final kingdom of the Beast foretold in Daniel and Revelation.

Revelation 6: And I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. (vs. 2) behold a white horse and he that sat on it had a bow to conquer; (vs. 4) and another horse that was red and the rider granted to take peace from the earth so that they will slay one another; (vs. 5-6) A black horse with a rider holding a pair of scales saying, “a measure of wheat for a denarius and 3 quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine; (vs. 8) behold, a pale green horse, its rider’s name was Death and Hades followed close behind.

Do not believe the lie(s). Because these goals will end up bringing forth the four horsemen of Revelation 6 in full force with a false peace and security, war against humanity through various means of depopulation efforts, famine to the masses while the elite continue having their oil and wine, and more death through famine, pestilences and diseases, and by the sword than has ever been seen in human history – even greater distress than the flood of Noah where all living on the earth were destroyed. This destruction is being wrought by Satan through men and God’s just indignation [wrath] will be pour out on those that are building back better and creating this great reset that refuse to repent.

Click here for more information: We Need 7 Years of Accelerated, Transformative Action to Achieve SDGs [by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) in IISD, June 7 2023 /] / SDG Summit: 18-19 September 2023, UN Headquarters, New York, Agenda [UN Office of the High Commissioner Human Rights,] / SDG Media zone, United Nations] / World Leaders Adopt Sweeping Political Declaration Reaffirming Commitment to Achieve SDGs, as Summit Commences [UN, Sept 18 2023] /


Pastor JD and his assembly continue assisting those in Maui that were devastated by fire. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Hawaii, specifically in Maui, and for those assisting in many needed areas.

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Pick #3: Know Your Enemy: God tells us to know the enemy’s tactics. This sometimes is through educating oneself on what is happening in the shadows of current governments so we can prepare and know how to respond to the coming digital economy being established. I strongly encourage you to listen to: Who’s Behind the Shadow Government [YouTube, Olive Tree Ministries with guest Alex Newman, Sept 15 2023] /

Pick #2: Are We The Last Generation?: Though there are varied views on the “when” and “how” of some end time events, all that studied Bible prophecy seem in agreement that we are that generation to see the fulfillment of it all. This because our generation is seeing the convergence at a rapid pace happening now. I encourage you to watch Jimmy Evans discuss this topic and lays out specific events that point to answering this question. Is This The End? [YouTube, Sept 18 2023] /

Pick #1: October 4th – Be on alert: This is just a tidbit in case you haven’t heard that FEMA and FCC Plan a Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for October 4, 2023. Maybe it will only be a test and not turn out to be a real-life exercise. But just giving you a heads up as they will be sending test messages to all TVs, Radios and Cell Phones. Click here to read more: FEMA and FCC Nationwide Emergency Alert Test [FEMA] /


Israel Makes History At UN SDGs Summit: God told us that there would be a day when Israel would become a nation again in one day [Isaiah 66:7-8]. That literally happened in May 14, 1948. God told us that though Israel would be land of waste, it would once again flourish and become rich [Isaiah 27:6]. That literally has happened and Israel is flourishing in every way. God told us that the Israelites that were scattered among all the earth would return to their land [Jeremiah 23:3/Jeremiah 31:7-8]. Again, God never gets it wrong and it too is and continues to be fulfilled to this day as many return to their homeland. These are just a small sampling of prophecies that have been fulfilled. Now we are witnessing another big one developing as prophesied. God said there would be a day when Israel would live without any walls or borders [Zechariah 2:8-9]. Many wondered how this would ever be possible. However, through the continued building upon the Abrahamic Accord Peace Treaty, we see a new agreement [covenant] being formed between Israel and Saudi-Arabia. They are calling it the Mother of all Peace Deals. I believe we may soon see this deal signed bringing Israel’s “unwalled borders” prophesied into a reality. For as they form these agreements with their neighbors they will begin to feel peace and safety. This is happening now! Is this coincidence? I THINK NOT! God said it; therefore, I believe it! But it won’t end there, because this must happen before the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38 war. Here is a great must watch video by Pastor James Kaddis that shows how this deal may open up Israel’s trade and borders significantly: Israel Just Made History At The United Nations [YouTube, Sept 24, 2023]/Israel: A Nation Is Born [by Josh Toupos] / Regathering of Israel Bible Verses [End Times Bible Prophecy]


Am learning and sharing - please join me in the journey and share with others. Click here for my YouTube Channel: Inside View with Linda Kennedy.

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